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How to increase restaurant business sales in corona pandemic?

Are you in the food industry? Are you struggling to run the business in Corona breakthrough? But  don’t know how to drive sales in this pandemic? Stay tuned to know how to rescue your sinking restaurant business.

What seems to be a problem, also becomes an opportunity to earn profit.

Few restaurants are running great in corona pandemic. We need to understand that survival is the priority rather than to earn profit. So, here are the 9 tips to increase restaurant sales in the corona pandemic.

  • Hiring a food branding agency

Many of you will think that paying an agency is another expenditure but this is the first thing you need to do. Do hire a food branding agency who can research and market your delicious food with the right strategy to sell offers and combos. Hire an agency which can work with you and understand your business account, as it is very necessary to create right offers to attract customers and at the same time yielding the profit.

  • Safety measures

It is very necessary to take important safety measures for building trust in your customers.

Safety measures includes

  1. Temperature check of each employee everyday
  2. Washing hands at regular interval
  3. Wearing mask and gloves
  4. Sanitizing of vegetables
  5. Cleaning of kitchen at regular interval

Many big daddy brands started their campaign of contactless delivery by Dominos and McDonalds. Some Indian brands like Faasos & Ovenstory.

With every delivery you may attach a small note about your safety measures and a thanks note to show how grateful your restaurant is to serve them.

  •  Delivery

Building trust in the delivery system is another problem that Indian brands suffer. Zomato and swiggy are providing delivery with necessary safety measures, but still we all know how trustworthy the delivery system is. So do hire or deliver yourself by taking necessary safety measures (wearing gloves and mask) to promote contactless delivery.

  • Takeaway or Pickup

Takeaway or Pickup is not possible in a country like India, as everything is locked down till 15th April but takeaway will work in the west. Create offers to promote takeaway, as it is the least expensive and time saver for restaurants.

  • Add-ons

Add-ons are really necessary for extra dime. Create offers on add-ons and train your staff how to sell it. For example, the staff member can say , “Thank you for your order ma’am! Would you like to add a coke or dessert? We are providing 2 at a price of one or you pay Rs.70 ($.1) and get an extra pizza free.”

So if you have not worked out on add-ons, please do so, work on your numbers and create it ASAP.

  • Run offers

As mentioned before, rather than making profit it is necessary to survive in this corona pandemic. Create irresistible offers that a customer cannot deny. Provide your customer a coupon which can be redeemed in the next order. This is like a loyalty program. A family pack combos which can feed 3-5 people.

  • Subscription

Subscription model is the best that can really help you. Create a subscription for 15 days or 30 days for once or twice a day. In the subscription model, customers subscribe to your food by paying money in advance for a particular time. This will help the “work from home” employees and the one who are alive on tiffin service. Make sure you create an affordable subscription amount.

  • Gift cards

Sell gift cards where customers purchase a gift card at discounted price for future dine-in. You can check supportkitchen dot org and dineout in India. Or you can create your own gift cards either paper or digital.

  • Response to reviews

This is a time where you focus more on your old customers than the new one. Keep an aggressive response management team on google, social networks and food delivery apps. This is ignored by most of the restaurant owners. 

These are the few tips and strategies which can be opted by restaurant owners. If you want detailed personalized branding and strategy, do comment down your problems.

Comment down your problems. Let’s solve it together.


  • Jayati

    It’s great as people always tend to go where they feel cared for and now this is going to be on everyone’s head so considerations are a must. Great going.

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